MatchMyMoves is an application system which allows a user to compare their dancing ability with a lead dancer. The system can be used by dance classes, dance companies, fitness professionals or in promotional tools for ballet companies.

The MatchMyMoves Lite application allows a user to compare their movements against those of a lead dancer. The Lite application loads a music track from the iPod library, a movement track from a website library, then compares the movement of the user to the movement of the lead dancer in real time as the track plays. When the track ends, a score is displayed so the dancer knows how closely their moves matched the lead dancer.

To create a movement track, a lead dancer wears an iPhone or iPod Touch running MatchMyMoves Pro while dancing to a music track from the device's iPod library. The recorded movement track can be saved to a website library for future use.

Students' dance homework feels more like playing a video game. And since scoring is based on core movement, a kid's height or weight does not impede their ability to score well.

MatchMyMoves - Dance Break Edition is now available as a free download from the App Store!